Our facilities

[ Balancing machine ВМ3000 ]

The machine allows dynamic balancing of rotors.
[ Stand for testing of AC and DC machines IS-5 ]

Running-in of electric motors at idling speed up to 5000 kW.
[ Dry kiln SP ]

Convection drying and baking of windings up to 10000 kW.
[ Screw-cutting lathe 1658 (RMC8000) ]

Diameter of workpieces is up to 1400 mm, center-to-center distance is 8 m.
[ Distraction winding removal unit UDR-3 ]

Decomposition of stator insulation up to 10000 kW.
[ Dry kiln RIFZh 681591.016 ]

Designed for convection drying of products.