Manufacturing and repairing of electromagnetic stirring coils (EMS)

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Service description

SK-Technologies OOO offers overhaul services for electromagnetic stirrers from ABB, SMS, Ergolines, Danieli, Eval of the following types: M-EMS, S-EMS, F-EMS, ORMD880, Concast AG, ERG-M3EE. These stirrers are used in continuous casting of steel at metallurgical factories. We use only high-quality components ( advanced insulating materials) from leading manufacturers, which considerably prolong the service life of the EMS.

The typical scope of EMS repair includes:

The use of special winding wire and a unique repair technology makes it possible to significantly increase the service life of coils. Import phase-out program: we manufacture new electromagnetic stirrers (on provision of a sample/drawing). Contact us for a more detailed information at your convenience.